Effective alternative solutions and trainings await you at Imperial Thomson Innovative Wellness. Maureen Imperial and Janine Thomson are a unique mother/daughter business team of NGH Board Certified Hypnosis Instructors, Reiki Masters and EFT Trainers who work individually with clients and together as instructors. Maureen and Janine deliver dynamic and purposeful methods and training to meet your personal or business objectives.

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The Most talked about

Stop Smoking Program Out There The Stop System

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Workshops and Trainings

Animal Reiki July 15, 2015  – For more information or to register click here Animal Reiki Info 


Hypnosis Certification Training – February 27th – March 22nd 2015 Registration is closed    Click here for more info Hypnosis Certification and Registration

Karma Clearing Workshop – January 17,2015 – Registration is closed sorry you missed it – it was great come next year we would love to see you there

Click here for more info on Karma Clearing Workshop and Registration

EFT & Ancient Mantras – Releasing Fear and building confidence.

Sunday July 27th  11:00 – 1:00 – Registration is now closed

You are not going to want to miss this revolutionary combination of EFT work and Ancient Mantra work – You must register to attend this event.   For more information and to register      Click Here

Past Life Exploration Workshop – February 7th 2014

Registration is closed- click here for more information  Past Life Exploration

What else we offer:

Hypnosis, a state of increased concentration and focused state of awareness, where you bypass the critical mind and work directly with the subconscious.  This opens you up to suggestions, allowing healthier life changes to take place.  Read more.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is an energy based tapping technique that releases blockages within your energy system..  Read more.

Reiki is an energy based relaxation and stress reduction technique that can promote
self-healing..  Read more.